Piccalilli and Chow Chow are relishes, made from end of the season garden produce.  Piccalilli is a treat  of the British Isles which contains chunkier vegetables and is known for green tomatoes, corn, green beans and cauliflower, seasoned with turmeric plus many more surprises like the addition of jalapeños for a zing!  And I must say it looks as pretty on a plate as it does in this photograph. Now Chow Chow is Germanic in it’s origin and the vegetables are finely chopped.  It is a nice topping for sausages and hot dogs.  In Chow Chow you have green tomatoes, cabbage carrots and sweet peppers and onions, and celery.  We carry both a mild and hot Chow Chow.  

A Big Plus – there are health benefits to adding pickled vegetables to your diet – and very few calories!