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Classic Country Foods offers unique fresh fruit jams, jellies and butters along with garden ripe salsas, relishes and chow chows. And our pride is the purest sorghum you will ever find!

All of the ingredients that go into making Classic Country Foods’ line of products are grown following 200-year old farming practices. Horses draw the plow and seeds are hand strewn or plants carefully tucked into the ground. When harvest time arrives the best is gathered at its peak. Centuries old recipes are followed to cook and can using wood fires. And horses power the grinder that extracts the juice from our sorghum cane. We sell in the United States, offering retail sets, or to wholesale customers by the case. On our blog you will find recipes that use our products and more detailed uses of our unique offerings.

Stan’s Recipes and Tall Tales

Piccalilli and ChowChow make simple, but tasty sides for your meals

May 8th, 2020|

Piccalilli and Chow Chow are relishes, made from end of the season garden produce.  Piccalilli is a treat  of the British Isles which contains chunkier vegetables and is known for green tomatoes, corn, green beans and cauliflower, seasoned with turmeric plus many more surprises like the addition of jalapeños for a zing!  And I must say it looks as pretty on a plate as it does in this photograph. Now Chow Chow is Germanic in it’s origin […]