Fruit butters are special treats in the world of preserves. The process to make a butter takes longer than jam to boil and concentrate the fruit and vegetable juice and pulp and for this reason butters usually cost more than jams. The consistencies of butters are smooth, thick and sticky, and the flavors are more intense than the same fruit in a jam. The butter process also lends itself better to turning vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots into preserves.

Since it is May, and fresh strawberry month in middle Tennessee, I want to focus on Classic Country Foods Strawberry Butter. Our strawberry butter is strained and sieved in the production process rendering it virtually seedless, a big plus for those people sensitive to those little pits.

Here is a trick for fancy strawberry pancakes in a flash; add fresh chopped strawberries to your batter along with a tablespoon of Classic Country Foods Strawberry Butter to the typical size pancake batter recipe (8 pancakes). Then add a flavor boost to your syrup by stirring in Strawberry Butter to taste. This simple recipe can be followed using any of Classic Country Foods fruit or vegetable butters to have a seasonal pancake. Think of making your pancakes with Classic Country Foods Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Sweet Potato Butter or Carrot Cake Butter.

While I use butters in a number of recipes Classic Country Foods Strawberry Butter is rare and a treat around our house. There is a simple goodness to a spoon of Strawberry Butter on a toasted muffin or biscuit and a good cup of coffee, yum. So drag a table to a spot in your yard with a view of the irises, toss on one of grandma’s tablecloths, set it for two and then enjoy a morning brunch with Classic Country Foods Strawberry Butter. I think it is the taste of spring melting into summer.

Denise T. Hitchcock