Forget the mixes you see in the Grocery Store… you gotta make it from scratch. Them things all taste like powdered milk… which is a little worse than Milk Of Magnesia.

When the fresh good peaches come in buy six gooduns and let them get good and ripe. Guard them pretty good cause they will disappear if you ain’t careful.

Buy some fresh cows milk… some half and half… a small heavy cream… and a can of sweet condensed milk. I don’t know, it might work with goats milk, but I ain’t about to try it.

Be sure you got a couple cups of sugar (a little fresh honey is nice also)

Vanilla flavoring

9 large hens eggs from your own brood… with chicken wire around the chicken house good and tight to keep out the skunks and possums. If you happen to have an egg sucking dog… get rid of it. Or, in a pinch, just go to the store and buy you some store bought eggs.

Alright now, you put 6 cups of regular, Grade A, Homogenized cows milk in a large sauce pan, along with two cups of sugar poured in and mixed when the milk starts getting hot on the cook stove. This is when you would add a little honey. When you get that mixed good, add 9 large hen eggs that have been lightly beaten. Ok, heat that to just close to the boilin’ point…but, don’t let it boil! Stirring all the time to mix well. Set that pan aside off the fire and add a good dollop of vanilla flavoring…a small carton of half and half… a small carton of heavy whipping cream… and the can of sweet condensed milk. Now then, put the pot in the ice box and make sure you put a fresh 50 pound block of ice in there to get her good and cool… or if you live in the city just use an electric fridge.

When the whole mixture is cool…

Take it out and set her on the counter… it should appear good and yellar and ready to go. Now then… cut up the six peaches into small chunks and put them in a bowl and put some sugar over them and add just a squirt of lemon juice. Let’er set for a short time while you go out in the barn and try to find the ice cream maker. Clean all the spiders out of it and kinda rinse’er off just a dab particularily if you used the ice cream bucket to feed the horses last winter, and to haul the ashes out of the fireplace… now when you finally find the dang electric motor that turns the thing, put it on the back porch, or back deck, and go in the kitchen and pour the ice cream concoction into the metal container and add the plastic mixer thing. It should come way up on the full line after you add the peaches to it.

If you are so stubborn that you refuse to go to an electric ice cream mixer then find a bunch of kids before they have time to run off to the creek and hide and get them to turn the crank. Other wise, for you folks who have joined the rest of us in the 21st century, put your ice cream container into the ice cream bucket and put the electric motor on it and plug her in. Now, start laying in the ice, and the rock salt, ice and rock salt, ice and rock salt and turn the little drain hole in the side of the bucket toward somewhere besides your wife’s prize flower bed, boy it ain’t pretty what that salt water does to flowers. Let her run until the motor just gives up, adding ice as needed. When it finally won’t turn no more… pour off the salt water and add ice all the way to the top and put a heavy towel (not your wife’s good stuff) over the whole top of it. Don’t worry if a little salt water got in the ice cream… that just makes it better.

Get your bowls out and dish it up, add a little Hershey’s Chocolate syrup and let me know what a hero you have become to the whole neighborhood.

Classic Country Foods Hot Pepper Jelly
Classic Country Foods Mild Pepper Jelly
Cream Cheese

Take an 8-ounce block of cream cheese; it can even be the low or no-fat variety. Cut it into two equal portions and place them on a serving platter that has a slight rim. I like to space the blocks 3-4 inches apart. To prepare, spoon Classic Country Foods Red Hot Pepper Jelly over one cream cheese block and the Green Mild Pepper Jelly over the other.