Using Classic Country Foods jam on toast is wonderful, but there is so much more.  Try taking one jar and making a flavored syrup for pancakes and waffles, a salad dressing and a sauce to drizzle on ice cream or cake!  

Take any flavor Classic Country Foods jam – for the purposes of this demonstration I will use Hall of Fame Jam.  

Syrup:  In a small sauce pan over low heat stir together 1 cup light corn syrup and ½ cup Hall of Fame Jam.  Stir over heat until incorporated and texture is smooth.  It does not need to boil.  Cool slightly before using on pancakes or waffles.  Can be made in advance and stored in refrigerator.  Bring to room temperature before warming.  

Salad Dressing:   Use a lidded glass pint jar.  To the jar add 1 rounded tablespoon Hall of Fame Jam, 2 teaspoons spicy brown mustard, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon juice and ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil.  Screw the lid on and shake until all ingredients are incorporated.  Ready immediately for tossing on your salad greens.  If you refrigerate, then bring back to room temperature, then shake to incorporate olive oil with other ingredients. 

Stan loves salad dressing made out of the Classic Country Foods Green Mild Pepper Jelly.  

Sauce:  Put the rest of the jar of Hall of Fame Jam into a small sauce pan (same size pan as syrup).  Add a small amount of heat until jam starts to melt.  Add small amounts of water – a little at a time and then stir – until you reach the desired consistency for your sauce.  Use either warm or at room temperature.  Can be refrigerated and then brought back to room temperature.  Wonderful on ice cream or cake. Using a small amount of liquor, such as Cointreau, instead of water, elevates sauce for a special occasion.  


Denise Hitchcock